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I’m Thembelihle Terry-Lynne Zulu. I was born on the 14th August 1989 in the City of Kings to the late Mr. Nkululeko and Mrs. Nomalanga Zulu. I have two brothers, Simeon and Simon. I also have four sisters, Bongiwenkosini, Nobuhle, Fezubuhle and Zothile.

I went to Petra High school in Bulawayo  and got my degree in Journalism and Media studies from the National University of Science and Technology. I am passionate about the arts, women’s issues and the environment. I am the co-founder of Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe, a personal blogger by passion and a publicist by profession. I’m also a freelance writer for publications such as Induna Magazine, Divas Inc magazine, Kalabash Media and Kwantuthu Arts magazine amongst others. I aspire to own my own PR and Advertising agency.

Because my life deserves its own reality show, I blog to document all my experiences blow-by-blow so that whoever writes my autobiography wont struggle piecing it together. It’s my online diary to live out my personal issues on a more public platform.

Live vicariously through my writing.


Thembi Terry Zulu

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